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Erwin & Michelle |  Drumtochty Castle Scotland


There is so much to wite about the amazing wedding of Erwin and Michelle that I don't know where to start...

First of all it was an overwhelming and unforgettable experience to enjoy the happiness and kindness of all your loving friends and family. The relationships I whitnessed reflected the truly kind characters of Erwin and Michelle.


Beside very kind people Erwin and Michelle are both incredible smart as well.. They met during their international studies where they had an amazing year and met most of their current friends who where present at their wedding.

Though science is something I don't know more about then what they mean with H2O, 

I felt totally comfortable among these very intelligent people.


Their wedding took place at one of the most beautiful spots in Scotland, Drumtochty Castle.

An inpressive castle in the green hills of Aucheblae. Set in this idyllic location, surrounded by the superb Scottish countryside, the 19th century Drumtochty Castle was the perfect place for the memorable wedding of Erwin and Michelle.

It was such an honour to make these memories for you!


Scroll down and enjoy their lovestory that tells so much more then I can write here.

Dear Erwin and Michelle, I wish you peace love and hapiness all the days of your wonderful life together!







Location: Drumtochty Castle

Wedding dress: Modeca purchased at Anne Priscilla 

Hair and Makeup: Bespoke Hair & Beauty

Kilt Hire: Kenny's Menswear

Flowers: I Heart Flowers

Rings: Le Marriage

Cake: Coullcake Creations

String Quartet: Scotia String Quartet

Band: The Jets

Videographer: Apricot Tree

Chocolate Fountain: Candy Creations

Piper: Julie from Thistle Piping

Stationary all homemade




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